Regina Durante, LMT

Frequently Asked Questions

   What will my experience be as your client?  

I am a dedicated professional. I am 100% present with all of my clients. I create a welcoming, safe and non-judgmental environment for you.  My expertise comes through as compassionate and caring, which results in high quality and true healing.

   What if I have Never had a massage before? 

I am very patient and thoughtful. I am happy to explain any and all procedures from the intake to the treatment and follow up. My goal is to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for you to relax and receive healing on your terms.

   Will I experience any pain during or after the treatment?

I practice gentle to moderate pressure massage techniques.  I will always be attentive to your comfort and will adjust as needed. If you have never had a professional massage prior, you may experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which may occur from 1-3 days afterward, and will diminish quickly.

   Do you have a No-Show or 24- hour Cancelation Policy?

Please consider me a health care professional.  When you set an appointment with me, that time is reserved for you ONLY.    I will require a Credit/Debit card number to be on file at the time of your booking. If you no-show or cancel under 24 hours of your scheduled session, you will be charged for the FULL service fee. (Extenuating circumstances are considered).